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Flooring Facts: 
Welcome to Tudor Carpet One Floor & Home! We wish to make your buying experience a pleasant one. Every job is as unique as your individual selections. There are variables specific to each job. This information has been compiled so that you know what to expect regarding products and installation. If any questions arise, please speak with one of our sales professionals for clarification.

Carpet OneCarpet 101: Choose from Wools, Nylons, Smart Strand, and PET fibers best suited for your budget and lifestyle. Please keep in mind that carpet shades and dye lots may differ from materials received to the floor samples shown at our store. Flooring should be inspected in the standing position looking down. Carpet seams are not always invisible. The light source and time of the day may make the seam more noticeable. Seams in the carpet are more visible when selecting low knap, looped, linear or patterned choices. Tudor Carpet One Floor and Home will be happy to assist with selections that will work best for the specific rooms, and our sub-contractors are experienced and can work within industry tolerances. Please let us know if anyone in the home requires a wheelchair, as choices for these specific installations are available.
Pattern carpet is a wonderful decorative touch to make into an area rug or stair runner. Please speak with one of our sales associates to show products that will be suitable for this application. Additional carpet and labor will be needed with this choice, as pattern matches need to be considered. Customers may wish to purchase an additional amount of carpet to replace steps in the future. This is an inexpensive way to keep your installation looking fresh for years to come.

Carpet OneTile 101: Tile is a durable, permanent flooring to be enjoyed for years. Know the process and what to expect with the installation. Tile installation is custom because of the variations of color within the tile, the gauging of the product piece to piece, the selection of grades and the layout of the rooms being installed. The sub-contractors that are assigned to our customer's job scope are capable of all types of installation from standard to custom and have been recognized in the community for their workmanship and professionalism. 

There are many qualities of setting materials, grouts, and caulking in the market. Tudor Carpet One does not take short cuts on this unseen but crucial factor to ensure the best, installation possible. We carry many grouts from standard to choices that do not have to be sealed. However, natural stone products need to be sealed prior to installing (to avoid staining by the grout) and finish coat after installation. Stone tile should be resealed at least every 18 months. There are many products manufactured that in the past were "specialty" items that are now available at competitive prices to the general public.

Carpet OneLaminate 101: Laminate flooring is a great choice for active families that want the look of ceramic or hardwood, but also want the durability and ease of maintenance laminate have to offer. Depending on the quality chosen, some laminates may show scratches over time. Please check the warranty on products as each selection may have different warranties. The manufacturer's warranty relating to water damage is considered from the top down (everyday spills) rather than from the bottom up (toilets or dishwashers) and should be considered when making the decision to purchase laminate flooring.

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Hardwood 101: There are many choices of wood products in reference to species, grading/ milling of the wood, and the country of orgin. Hardwood flooring can scratch; dent, sun-fade and gloss levels can reduce over time. Hardwood floors by nature expand and contract. This is the natural movement of wood floors. Proper acclimation is imperative during installation, and we will provide you with instruction during this time. 

Wood and water don't mix! However, many floors have been installed in kitchens and powder rooms. If in time a leak is discovered, the hardwood floor can be repaired/ replaced for a modest charge; however, the gloss level and color may have seasoned with time to make the repair more noticeable. Please make our staff aware if the hardwood floor is to be installed over radiant heat.

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