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Our Experts

Our Experts

We could give you a million reasons why you should shop local, but we will keep it simple. Tudor Floors & More is a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative. As a locally owned and operated business, we make it a point to show our customers why we are any different from big box stores. For starters, we hire a professional team and turn them into flooring experts! Our sales professionals are part of your local community! Continue to read below to learn more about your friendly neighborhood flooring experts.



Jan Tudor


Jan Tudor, President and Co-Owner


Jan learned it all from her father Bob Tudor and has carried on the family legacy and quality work ethic.


Three words that describe Tudors: service, ethics, family

Favorite product to work with: Hardwood, it is timeless product


What is in your coffee: It used to be cream, but nobody has time for that

Brian Stump


Brian Stump, Vice President and Co-Owner


Brian has been working in the flooring industry for over 20 years and is the third generation in the Tudor Floors business.


Three words that describe Tudors: family, honesty, quality


Favorite product to work with: Wood, I love the natural beauty and warmth of wood


What is in your coffee: It used to be cream but nobody has time for that

Sharon Tudor   

Sharon Tudor, Product and Design Specialist


Part of the Tudor family and pictured with her father, Bob Tudors, carpet shears!


Three words that describe Tudors: knowledgeable, honest, fun


Favorite product to work with: Hardwood


What is in your coffee: A little bit of cream

Courtney McDougall


Courtney McDougall, Administrative Assistant


Three words that describe Tudors: honest, knowledgeable, the-best-in-the-biz


Favorite product to work with: Microsoft excel, I love a good 'ole spreadsheet or vinyl, we have some real gorgeous styles


What is in your coffee: Black, unless I can get a hold of some of Liz's Rumchata to add to it


 Mary Mullins  

Mary Mullins, Accountant and Behind the Scenes Magic Maker


Three words that describe Tudors: knowledgeable, experienced, integrity


Favorite product to work with: The green stuff


What is in your coffee: Get me a diet instead

  Alex Saurez 

Alex Saurez, Man with the Muscles and Warehouse Guru

Three words that describe Tudors: family, honor, respect

Favorite product to work with: Lift with carpet pole


What is in your coffee: Coffee hater, Arizona Tea RX Energy lover

Mark Montgomery


Mark Montgomery, Product Specialist and Estimator


Three words that describe Tudors: quality, work, paycheck


Favorite product to work with: Chelsea Plank Hardwood


What is in your coffee: Cream

Liz Nelson


Liz Nelson, Product and Design Specialist


Three words that describe Tudors: family, fashionable, fun


Favorite product to work with: Vinyl


What is in your coffee: A shot of Irish cream but on a good day rumchata


Freida Nelson


Frieda Nelson, Cabinet and Countertop Specialist


Three words that describe Tudors: family, loyalty, pride


Favorite product to work with: Cabinets, hands down


What is in your coffee: Cinnamon and honey





Don't Just Let Anyone into Your Home

Do THEY know who is coming to your home to install your new floor? Tudor Floors & More Carpet One does! The highly skilled flooring subcontractors that we have partnered with have worked at our company for years. Experience matters when it comes to your greatest investment…your home. With new technology and different methods of installation, our staff as well as subcontractors are constantly attending hands-on training. Every job has a different set of variables, and we are prepared to know how to tackle any job that comes our way. No job is too large or too small at Tudor Floors & More Carpet One. Stop in and see the difference!


Meet the newest member of the Tudor Floors & More Carpet One family, Sunny. Sunny will have a long and productive life by providing renewable wool which will be made into fine quality carpeting to be enjoyed by our customers for many years. Wool carpet is the best for wear, energy efficient savings up to 13%, noise reduction up to 55%, and is the best choice for those who have allergies. Tudor Floors & More Carpet One, would like to invite you into our showroom to see the wide variety of patterns, and choice of colors that is made from Sunny’s wool.


We're Your Local Experts