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Tile Flooring in Valparaiso, IN

If you are looking for a beautiful and easy-to-care-for floor, then consider tile for your next project. Tiles are durable, long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and water-repellent. At Tudor Floors & More Carpet One Floor & Home in Valparaiso, Indiana, we offer a great selection of quality tile products that are backed by award-winning warranties. When it comes to choosing tile for your home, the creative possibilities are endless. Since tiles are installed as individual pieces, you can mix and match different shapes to create a unique pattern. We are here to help and have professionally trained staff at our showroom to help you navigate our tile selection. Come to our showroom or start browsing our tile selection online.



Types of Tile

There are three main types of tile: ceramic, porcelain, and stone. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular options for both residential and commercial flooring.


Where Can Tile Be Installed?

Tile is versatile when it comes to where you can install it around your home. Traditionally, it is installed in kitchens and bathrooms because of how easy it is to clean and because it is resistant to moisture and stains. You can also install tile in areas of your home like laundry rooms, entryways, as well as your basement. More durable tiles, like stone and porcelain, can be installed outside as a patio or walkway. We also have commercial tile flooring for busy settings with high traffic. Additionally, we offer tile installation services. We’ll leave you with a beautiful-looking space that will endure through the decades.



Backsplash Tile

Updating your kitchen and bathroom has never been easier when you work with us. Simply updating your walls with backsplash tile can completely transform your space. Start with something simple and work yourself up to a full remodel when the time is right, and you are ready. You can find inspiration anywhere from in your own home, style magazines, or from samples in our showroom. You can choose from different trends and styles that work with your home décor. Utilizing different textures and materials to create a backsplash using tile is essential to any kitchen or bathroom design. Today, backsplash is intended for both style and function! With a proper backsplash tile arrangement, your walls are shielded from all kinds of accidental splatters and spills. With minimal effort, virtually anything can come off a backsplash and there is limited possibility of staining unless you let the stain sit. Maintenance is also a breeze, and you can replace individual tiles relatively easily if something happens. Many backsplash tile options are prearranged on mesh backings for fast and easy installation. You can update the entire look of your kitchen with one small, low-effort change, and the best part is that a small section of tile is never terribly expensive.



Our Tile Selection

We are your local tile store with one of the best tile selections in the area. Not only do we carry name-brand tiles like Daltile® and Casabella® but also Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive collections like Bel Terra®. Our exclusives are backed by high-end warranties that will give you peace of mind. As a member of the Carpet One cooperative, the largest flooring co-op in the nation, we have more buying power with suppliers. That means we can stay locally owned and operated while also competing with big box stores and bringing you the lowest tile prices possible.





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 Top Tile Brands

Top Tile Brands


As your local flooring retailer, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver quality flooring to our customers. Visit our showroom or take a look at our brands page to see our collection of tile options.